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Family Finnish 3-4

This is an 8-week follow-up course to the previous Family Finnish courses held in July-December 2021. We continue learning basic vocabulary and phrases related to everyday life, improve our conversation skills, and gain confidence to use Finnish in daily situations with native speakers.


During this course, you will practise some typical everyday conversation topics in Finnish. We learn how to talk about the weather, do grocery shopping, describe clothing, and tell directions. We practise the conjugation of the verb types 2 and 3, "I have" structure as well as directions from and to. We gain more confidence to speak Finnish and improve listening comprehension as we practise through conversation, drama and game activities. We focus on the spoken Finnish to make it easier to understand native speakers and gain confidence to speak Finnish in the daily situations.

After each lesson, you will have a reflective homework assignment to help you apply your Finnish skills in the daily life. Individual feedback and study tips are provided during the course.

This course follows the topics of Suomen mestari 1 digital book. Having the study book is not required in this course, however, I recommend purchasing it if you wish to study independently between the classes.

Course details

Level: A1-A2

Languages of instruction: English and Finnish


  • Learn vocabulary, structures and phrases related to everyday life

  • Improve sentence building and conversation skills

  • Gain confidence to use Finnish in your daily life

Homework: Reflective assignment

Assessment: Individual feedback during the course

Material: Suomen mestari 1 digital book + teacher's own material

Location: Google Meet and Classroom (Google account required)

Schedule: Notice that the times are in Melbourne time (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

  • Lesson 1:

    • Thursday February 3 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 2:

    • Thursday February 10 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 3:

    • Thursday February 17 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 4:

    • Thursday February 24 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 5:

    • Thursday March 3 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 6:

    • Thursday March 10 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 7:

    • Thursday March 17 at 7-7.50pm

  • Lesson 8:

    • Thursday March 24 at 7-7.50pm

Number of participants: Max. 6 students per group


  • 8 lessons for 180€ / A$280

EnrolmentSign up by filling in the contact form or sending me an email. You will receive the course instructions and invoice through email.

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