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Start your journey to success by choosing the best learning itinerary


Finnish for Foreigners

Are you an expat who lives in Finland? Someone who is planning to move there? Or perhaps, a fan of the coolest language in the world? 


Finnish for Foreigners is a course for someone who is keen on learning Finnish as a foreign language. I provide classes on all the levels from A1 to C2*. Whether you were a beginner, advanced or academian, the lessons will be customised to meet your goals and preferences.

On this course, you can choose to focus on a particular basic skill, such as, reading, writing, speaking or grammar. Based on your needs, you can also choose to learn about a specific use of language, for example, the Finnish colloquial language (spoken language, puhekieli) or the written standard language (kirjakieli). Without forgetting the context, I provide you with useful examples as well as interesting cultural insights that you can apply in your daily basis.

Are you planning to take the National certificates of language proficiency (YKI test) in Finnish? I provide tutoring for students who are preparing themselves for the test. With professional assessment and encouraging feedback, I coach my students to succeed.


*Check out the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and assess your current level in Finnish language: CEFR .

"Roosa's energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I come away from lessons feeling inspired and looking forward to learning more. I feel that Roosa has a good way of explaining things. She has cleared up my understanding of a few things, I now feel more confident as a result."

- Ed -


*Check out the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education (Finnish National Agency for Education, 2016): OPH

Finnish for Finns Abroad

Are you a Finn living abroad? Do you wish your child to maintain their Finnish skills in order to return to the Finnish school system or just to be able to have a chat with Finnish relatives?


Finnish for Finns Abroad course follows the Finnish national curriculum* and aims to improve the students' Finnish skills when living in a non-Finnish environment. With Finnish pedagogy, I provide high quality instruction for both native speakers and Finnish as a second language learners.

Considering your child's age and level in Finnish, the lessons contain various exercises with real-life connection and age-appropriate topics. My teaching methods are customised to meet the student's individual needs and goals. Depending on your plan abroad, you can choose to focus on a specific use of language, for instance, managing daily life in Finnish or succeeding in the Finnish academic life.

Additionally, I provide feedback and professional assessment on the student's learning process, as well as homework to do between the lessons. 

"Roosa on hyvä, ystävällinen ja välittävä opettaja. Opettaa minua oppimaan suomen kieltä paremmin. Roosa on tosi ystävällinen ja ihana opettaja."

- Pilvi & Asta -

Basic Swedish (B-svenska)

Do you need extra support with the Swedish language? Do you want to learn the basics before moving to Sweden or to a Swedish speaking area in Finland?


Having worked as a teacher in Sweden and gained professional language skills, I provide private Swedish lessons for children and youths who need extra support in completing the compulsory second domestic language course, also called B Swedish (B-ruotsi / B-svenska) course, in Finland.


As the course follows the Finnish national curriculum*, giving you the basic skills in the Swedish language and Scandinavian cultures, it is also suitable for young Finnish speakers who have lived abroad and are moving back to Finland to continue their basic education in the Finnish school system.


Through dialogue, games, and creative tasks, I engage the student in learning and promote real-life connections to make the learning experience fun and meaningful. I want to encourage students to find the best ways to learn Swedish by providing them with positive feedback and various study tips.


*Check out the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education (in Finnish).


*Check out the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education (in Finnish) and the Swedish National Core Curriculum for the Compulsory School (in Swedish).

Primary School Subjects

Are you looking for a private teacher to help your children to improve their skills in primary school subjects?


As a qualified classroom teacher trained in Finland and worked in Sweden, I provide private classes on primary school subjects in all levels (grades 1-6). You can choose either the Finnish or the Swedish national curriculum* to be the guideline for your child's online course.


Instruction is given in Finnish, English or Swedish. The subjects taught are math, science, social sciences, Finnish (all levels), English (as a foreign language), and Swedish (for Finnish-speakers). Whether you want your child to focus on generally improving their skills, accomplish an assignment, passing an exam or they need special support, the lessons will be customised based on the preferences agreed on. When booking a private lesson for primary school tutoring, please, provide me with the material or topics you want the student to study. 

In this course, the student will be given step by step instruction, various demonstrations and real-life connections of their school subjects. With positive feedback and professional assessment, I guide the student to find their strengths and climb their ladder of success. 


Finnish for Foreigners
Finnish for Finns Abroad
Basic Swedish
Primay Schol Subjects


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1 lesson - 89 € / A$ 99

5 lessons - 379 € / A$ 449

10 lessons - 699 € / A$ 799

Each lesson is 50 min long including homework and feedback on request.

Lessons can be purchased through Finnish or Australian bank transfers or PayPal.

How does it work?

How does it work?


Choose your itinerary:

Finnish for Foreigners

Finnish for Finns Abroad

Primary School Subjects

Basic Swedish


Choose your deal:

1 lesson

5 lessons

10 lessons

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