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Teacher Roosa

Learning in the Finnish way

My Journey

Moi! My name is Roosa and I am a Finnish teacher currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I provide high quality online learning in the Finnish and Swedish language and primary school subjects both online and in person.

With a Masters in Education from the globally successful Finnish teacher education, I am a qualified primary school teacher and Finnish language teacher. Specialising in second language learning, I have worked in bilingual instruction and taught in various countries. 

Combining teaching and traveling has become a great way to expand my understanding of the world and thus, become a better educator. I love exploring new places and learning about cultures from the local people! As a teacher from Finland, my passion is to offer my students the opportunity to discover and experience the Finnish way of learning through a professionally guided journey.

My Journey

Your Journey



1 lesson - 100 € / A$ 150

5 lessons - 450 € / A$ 620

10 lessons - 800 € / A$ 1200

Prices include VAT

 (Finland 24 %).


I teach online through Google Meet.


I offer the private lesson deals for siblings, couples, and friend groups, who are in the same location.


1 lesson is 50 min including feedback and homework on request.

I work from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 8 pm Helsinki time.

What my students say

"Roosa has pulled me out of a language learning funk, a dip of motivation. I can now see where I am and what I am doing. Roosa has ordered the information in our classes and also in my head. Roosa is never stumped with a question. She is always giving in depth explanations when asked that allows me to remember more effectively."


(Finnish for Foreigners)

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